Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it necessary to have a trial?


A: Yes. A trial gives us the opportunity to try different hair/makeup styles that you might want to try for your big day. It is key to everything going smoothly on the day of the wedding. 


Q: When should I book my trial?


A: I recommend booking a trial 3-6 months prior to the wedding date. Please allow 3 hours for the trial. Usually, it's just the Bride but I am happy to do a trial on anyone who wants one. Please see the price list for more details.


Q: Do I need to pay a deposit?


A: Yes. A £50 deposit is due 7 days after receipt of the invoice which will be issued on the date of the trial when all costs are calculated and confirmed. A £100 deposit is required if the event is on a Bank Holiday or a weekday (Monday - Friday) The deposit is nonrefundable and deducted from the balance of the invoice.


Q: How soon should I book?


A: Get in touch as soon as you know the date for your wedding. You can never be too organised and prepared when it comes to your wedding makeup! 


Q: What products do you use?


A: I use vegan and cruelty-free products. I strongly believe that these products are far better than any other as I feel that you cannot have a really great product that is made from chemicals and harmful ingredients. I research all of the brands I use to make sure they are high quality.


Q: Do you charge for mileage?


A: Within 15 miles of BN2, there is no travel fee. Outside of this, there is a 30p charge per mile, return trip.

Currently I am living away from this area however, I will not be changing my travel prices to make sure this does affect my business as my residence is not permanent. Parking charges apply if applicable.


Q: How far are you willing to travel?


A: I have traveled as far as Croydon and Rochester for weddings- I am willing to go anywhere to be a part of your special day. See above for details on travel expenses.


Q: What is going to happen on The Big Day?


A: I will arrive at the location of the wedding/ arranged 'getting ready' place (if that's at home or a hotel, it's up to you) a few minutes earlier than planned so I can make sure I am set up and ready to go for the time that has been arranged. For example, if we say 9 am, I will be there at 8:50 am!

Then, we will start with the bridesmaid's makeup, then the mother of the bride and finally, the Bride. This is so that everyone is ready for the bride so they can all help her through the final steps before the walk down the aisle. 

Depending on how many people are part of the wedding party, I may have an assistant or two with me to make sure we stick to the timings and get everyone ready in perfect time.